24/7 Emergency Services

JHL can provide immediate support and repair for emergency situations that require urgent attention with respect to drainage issues or sewer and culvert deficiencies. JHL will work to correct the problem taking preventative measures to avoid further damage.

Culverts, Water Mains and Sewers

JHL can deal with your issues concerning continuous water flow, isolated pools of water or even absent water flow, culvert repair and replacement.Environmentally friendly actions are top-of-mind when it comes to the natural elements and preventing any further impact on the surrounding areas.

Erosion – Grading, Restoration, and Stabilization

Erosion can create unstable structures which require appropriate restoration and stabilization to repair their primary functions. JHL looks at environmentally-sensitive and creative ways of eliminating the eroded areas; restorative measures are used to reshape the landscaping and repair the infrastructure utility.

J. Hoover Ltd

J. Hoover Ltd. is a Site Construction services specialist company based in Stouffville, Ontario. We offer a 24/7 Emergency Response service for new and existing clients to ensure peace of mind. 

Contact us on: 647 921-0571

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